i came to our summerhouse 4am on tuesday morning, after a long and emotionally tiring day. there was so much light, you really couldn’t tell the difference between night and day. it was a weird feeling to be in finland again, last time i was here six months ago in winter. now it is summer, beautiful and warm summer. i wish you all could come here (please do so!! ) ), and see my beautiful home country, because it is just something i cannot describe. but though i love finland and i have been here only two days now,  i already miss austria. of course, this is my home country, and my life here is so much “easier”, but i cannot help feeling a bit like a stranger. a part of me belongs to austria, and nothing can change that. the past year was the most difficult and also the most beautiful year in my life and i will never ever regret my decision last summer to come back to klagenfurt.

“your home is where your heart is” – now more than ever i know it is true